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Some SEO Blogging Tips For Your Blog

Increasing traffic is the biggest aim for all bloggers worldwide. Let’s say you have a blog - nice design, some published articles, but you don’t have enough visitors. It’s time to start work on your blog. I just made a few tips to help you get some visitors and earn online. In my opinion these tips will make improvement to your blog: Post articles on daily basis check: The best 8 inch subwoofer here
Posting articles daily will help you increase your rank, because Google and other search engines want to see new content to your blog.


SEO Fundamentals by David Booth

Work on your keywords
Before you start writing about your favourite topic make a little research and find out which keywords will bring you more traffic and more money. The best tool for this case is Google Keyword Tool. What i do is searching for keywords that have around 20 000 searches montly and low competition. Maybe you can do the same or try with less.

SEO your post
Ok, you are done with research and analyse. Your post is done and it’s time to publish it. Try to use your main keyword in title, description, main body including H1 and H2 tags. Aslo try to use an image for your post with alt tag as your desired keyword.


Build natural backlinks
The best way to do this is, is to make profiles on other sites like social networks, social bookmarking sites and microblogging sites. For example make around 50 profiles from sites with higher page rank and share every single post of your blog. This will boost your rankings and make your blog profitable. When you are done and you have more time you can start with guest posting and also share thoose posts on your profiles. This will give you extra boost to your blog. I have made a list of sites that will help you do the SEO stuff. How cool is that, ha?

And wait. Google will do the rest.
You have to be patient and never give up. It’s hard to get millions of visitors overnight.
Guys, these tips are in my opinion blogging tips that works fine for me. If you have any othe tips that will help others please share it in the comments below. See ya.

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